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Cameron Diaz may seem carefree in most of her movies, but the "Charlie's Angels" star gets grossed out by door handles and refuses to touch them with her bare hands. Instead, she uses her elbows to turn the knobs. While she claims she's not a germaphobe, she sounds like one to us. Cameron's in good company, however, as there are many celebrities who've confessed to strange phobias and obsessions through the years.

Whoopi Goldberg: Afraid of Flying
Whoopi Goldberg seems to have her act together. Currently the moderator on "The View," Whoopi is an Oscar, Grammy, Tony, Golden Globe, and Emmy-winning actress and comedian, and she seems genuinely loved and respected by her peers. But up until recently, Whoopi had a debilitating fear of flying and would travel across country in her own bus when she needed to go coast to coast. When Goldberg's "Sister Act" became a musical and was set to debut in London's West End, it became clear that the bus was not an option. She agreed to have representatives from Virgin Atlantic's Flying Without Fear program help her address her phobia. And not only has Whoopi gone to London to support her show, she's also made surprise visits to her family and trips to Las Vegas to perform at the Encore Theater (which had been dark since the unexpected death of headliner Danny Gans)... more here

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