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Natasha Henstridge - the voice of the female lead in "Time Jumper"

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Stan Lee has hired Natasha Henstridge to voice the female lead in "Time Jumper," his newest comic invention.

The "digital comic book-style thriller," as Lee describes it, debuts Thursday at the big Comic-Con gathering in San Diego, where Lee will host a panel and showcase footage from the project. Disney's home entertainment division is distributing "Jumper" via cell phone and the Web in 10 serialized five- to eight-minute episodes to be released every two weeks through December.
"'Time Jumper' is a little bit different than anything that I have done before," Lee said. "We think it is a brand new concept and something that could really be a winner."

"Jumper" follows Terry Dixon, a college student in possession of his late father's time-travel invention, the Articulus. After his brother goes missing, Dixon is recruited by H.U.N.T. (Heroes United, Noble and True), a secret crime-fighting unit that sends him through time to thwart Charity Vile, leader of the criminal cartel, C.U.L.T. (Council of Unstoppable, Lethal Terrorists).
Henstridge will voice Vyle, the story's villain. Lee cameos as Lee Excelsior, CEO of H.U.N.T..... more here

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