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Soundtracks for The Roommate movie (2011)

Soundtracks for The Roommate movie (2011)
Watch the trailer for The Roommate movie.
Music from The Roommate trailer. Music from movie The Roommate. Songs from The Roommate movie.

Soundtracks for The Roommate movie (2011)

  1. "Fader" Performed by The Temper Trap
  2. "Tie You Down" Performed by Shaimus
  3. "ABC's" Performed by K'Naan featuring Chubb Rock
  4. "City on Fire" Performed by Jump Jump Dance Dance
  5. "Red Light" Performed by Ellis
  6. "Walk On" Performed by Moufette
  7. "Clockwork" Performed by Drew Smith
  8. "The Gaze You Gave" Performed by Abbey
  9. "Modern Eyes" Written by Simon Lewicki, Chris Carter and Sidh Solanki
  10. "Higher" Performed by Dekoder
  11. "We Are the People" Performed by Empire of the Sun
  12. "Devil's Island" Performed by Mike Bloom
  13. "Crimson and Clover" Written by Tommy James and Peter P. Lucia Jr.
  14. "Melting Inside" Performed by Digital Noise Academy
  15. "The Story I Heard" Performed by Blind Pilot
  16. "Surrender" Performed by Digital Daggers
  17. "Let Go" Performed by Shaimus
  18. "Secret Things" Performed by Ken Andrews
  19. "The Focus" Performed by X5
  20. "Dragon" Performed by Feersum Ennjin
  21. "Houses" Performed by Great Northern
  22. "Mirrors" Performed by C'mon

Music video: Empire Of The Sun - We Are The People

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