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Trailer - Possession (2009)

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Possession 2009

Sarah Michelle Gellar, Lee Pace, Tuva Novotny, Joel Bergwall, Dhirendra

Joel Bergwall, Simon Sandquist

Release Date:
23 January 2009

Drama | Romance | Thriller | Mystery

A woman's husband collides with his brother in a freak car accident, landing both of them into comas. Complications arise when the brother wakes and believes that he is the woman's husband.

Trailer - Possession

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  1. As a women I heart been hash on bed. By husband or any in the movie Possession (2009) it is about a women that turn in to two man by an accident it is uncommon as they seems but I think In reality it is some thing happening in recent. The tense in the women character is shown well, I can recommended it for any women to understand the sexual inhabits they have to face with. shows it up and wonderful picture quality does make me satisfy.


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