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Charlize Theron Video Interview at David Letterman

 Interview with beautiful actress Charlize Theron on Late Show with David Letterman. The actress will talk about her new "Hancock" movie starring Will Smith.

In 2018, Charlize Theron will play in Gringo, starring alongside Amanda Seyfried and Thandie Newton.

Our first guest is an Academy Award winner starring in a new film entitled Hancock and it opens July 2nd. Please welcome the oh so lovely the oh so talented Charlize Theron.

Wow oh boy! You look fantastic! Beautiful!

Just coming here vision yes oh god.

I bet you feel good wherever you go. How have you been? You look great and have you been?

I've been good I've been good.

Yeah kind of things do you do and now that it's officially summer do you do stuff do you work do you travel you go in trips?

I think I'm gonna just stay in this dress all summer.

I think so, boy you could tabete some.

Well you made me feel so gorgeous in it now well

You are and I'm telling how you put that dress on somebody else said it'd be okay but on you I'm tough fireworks


Absolute fireworks

Thank you!

Watch the all interview in the video below.

Charlize Theron Video Interview at David Letterman. Charlize Theron beautiful blonde actress interview.
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