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Sandra Bullock: 'I'm Going To Be Naked In Every Single Film'

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Sandra Bullock knows why "The Proposal" was her biggest box office opening yet.

"I'm going to be naked in every single film," she joked on the UK's "GMTV" on Tuesday, referring to an awkward scene with co-star Ryan Reynolds. "Can you imagine me at 70? Zac Efron doing a big film - there I am, running naked in the background. Just back and forth until someone notices. Big box office - they're all going to want me in their film."

The romantic comedy topped the box office with $34.1 million after opening on June 20, beating Sandra's previous high water mark, 2007's "Premonition," by almost double.

And while the longtime star said she's ready to strip down again, she noted nudity works best at the box office when it's just for laughs. ... read more

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